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Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ at First Lutheran:

As your Interim Pastor I am discovering the ways that you live out your mission statement: “Rooted first in worship, learning, and hospitality, we are sent forth in the power of the spirit to witness to Christ and to serve others, both in our households and in the wider community.”

You are constantly being “sent to witness and serve” even in this time of transition between regularly called senior pastors.  Your joint ELCA Day of Service with Bethlehem Lutheran in Longmont enlisted over one hundred volunteers of all ages in seven different projects of love and mercy in the community.  The use of your building for over forty groups from the community is another witness to the hospitality you extend in the name of Christ.

You have grown in this witness and service through your stewardship of God’s gifts and it makes an impact here in Longmont and worldwide.  As you give a proportionate gift to First Lutheran, a percentage is used for the mission of Christ’s church in the Rocky Mountain Synod and throughout the world.  This proportionate giving becomes a model for giving from each of our members.  You can give thanks to God that your congregation trusts God’s grace in such a specific, and concrete way!

So it is that you are asked, humbly and boldly, to give an increasing pledge for the work of your congregation, synod, and global church.

You are welcome to make your 2019 Pledge online!

Giving Commitment Weekend is October 22-23 during which you will turn in your giving commitment.  Each new or renewed commitment is a great encouragement to your shared witness and service!  On October 29 and 30 we will celebrate your generous response during the worship services.

Below you will also find a percentage giving guide to use as a tool to help you make your commitment for God’s work in the coming year through First Lutheran.

Thank you for your offerings and support during this time of transition in 2016.  Please share generously as you look toward 2017 and the calling of a new pastor.

Blessings in Christ,

Rev. Frank Philipp, Interim Senior Pastor.


You can also sign up for Simply Giving and have your pledge deducted directly from you checking of savings account – Click here to download the form.  You will need to fill out the form and bring it to church with a canceled check and give it to Annely.

Weekly Giving Guide