Joyful Noise 2016-2017 Calendar

Dates and times that the Joyful Noise Choir will Sing for worship in the 2016-2017 season

September 18th-8:30 am
October 23rd-11:00 am
November 20th-11:00 am
November 23rd-7:00 pm Thanksgiving Eve
December 7th-6 pm Santa Lucia
December 11th-4 :00 pm Ryssby
December 24th-4:00 pm-Christmas Eve in BR and Sanctuary
January 29th-8:30 am
February 26th-11:00 am
March 19th-8:30 am
March 22nd-7:00 pm Lenten Service
April 16th-11:00 am Easter
May 14th-11:00 am