Whirl Sunday School doesn’t work without the help of a bunch of dedicated volunteers. This chart shows who is volunteering and how many more volunteers we need. If you would like to see what each volunteer does scroll down to the Job Descriptions section on this page.

Weekly Class Leaders

PreK - Kinder




1st - 3rd

Stephanie Nieuwlandt

Maggie Nieberger

Maya Neiberger

4th - 5th


Pr. Sally Ponfick

Gretchen Knutson

Support Leaders





Christmas Program




Job Descriptions

Whirl Leaders

We are looking for at least 6 Whirl leaders – 3 for Preschool to Kindergarten, and 3 for first to third grade.  Whirl Leaders will be on a three week schedule that will look something like this:

Leaders 1-3 will always work with Preschool-Kindergarten and Leaders 4-6 will always work with 1st-3rd.  The idea is to spread out the teaching load over three people and to make the schedule a little more friendly to modern, busy lives!

Whirl leaders will each get a leader book for the age level that they are working with and will have the support of the materials team to help them find and organize all the supplies that they will need for their lessons.  The Whirl  curriculum is designed to be easy to use, and interactive to engage learners of all ages.  The Bible stories that the lessons are based on are the same stories that children and parents will hear and interact with in worship, providing a connecting piece throughout Sunday morning and throughout that week.

The Pretenders – 4th & 5th Grade Leaders

4th and 5th grade will be led by Pastor Sally Ponfick and Gretchen Knutson again this year!  They will continue “Pretending the Bible” also by using one of the readings from worship.  They will also incorporate many many of the Whirl lesson materials and videos.

Materials Team

Join our materials team! We could use 2 or 3 people to help keep leaders supplied with what they need!

The materials team meets every week during the Sunday School hour to help with taking attendance, making sure that all the classes have what they need for the weeks lesson, and to get set-up for the next week or story.

Christmas Worship Helpers

As we did last year (in 2015) we are planning to have the children lead worship the weekend before Christmas. Children will lead the confession, help with singing, read the Bible texts, preach, pray and serve Holy Communion!  This a great way for them to learn about worship and why we do what we do!  We are looking for a few people to help make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible so that it is a good experience for everyone.