FELC - Little Free Pantry "Take what you need, leave what you can."

What is the Little Free Pantry?

The pantry is just like any pantry, but smaller and outside the building. Anyone who has need can take items from the pantry and anyone who has means can fill it. The box can be filled with non-perishable food and necessary items like canned goods, oatmeal, diapers, toiletries, crackers and more (a list of suggested donations can be found outside the sanctuary and on our website). We hope to start an “adoption” process whereby church families and groups can care for the pantry for 2 weeks, making sure it is filled, clean, and in good order. However, anyone can fill the pantry at any time. The Social Justice Ministry group will be adopting the pantry for September. Please complete the form below if you are interested in future months. We pray that the FELC Little Free Pantry will be a tangible blessing to our community and a visible sign of our commitment to Christ’s call to love our neighbors. Many thanks to Thrivent for the funds to build the box.

Little Free Pantry Adoption

Fill out this form to adopt the pantry for 2 weeks, or to get more information. Adopting the pantry means that you will keep the pantry stocked as best as you can (with the help of the community), and report any problems to the church office.
Adoption Schedule

Adoption Schedule

You can sign up on the form below to take care of the pantry for 2 weeks.


December 1-15 – Naomi Circle
December 16-31 – Naomi Circle


January 1-15 – First Lutheran Men’s Ministry
January 16-31 – First Lutheran Men’s Ministry

February 1-14 – 
February 15-28 – 

March 1-15 – 
March 16-31- 

April 1-15 – 
April 16-30 – 

May 1-15 – 
May 16-31 – 

June 1-15 – 
June 16-30 – 

Suggested Donations

Peanut butter
Canned goods
Mac and Cheese
Pasta Sauce
Bottled Water
Dried Fruit & Fruit Snacks

Crackers and chips
Beef jerky
Baking Items
Socks (new, in package)
Band aids

Cleaning supplies
Sunscreen/lip balm
Toilet paper/paper towels
School Supplies
Baby wipes
Baby Food
Storage bags

The Little Free Pantry was funded in part by a Thrivent Action Team grant – learn more here