May 14, 2009

Dear Friends:

The new SAFE volunteer forms have arrived and are available for use. We are planning for July 1, 2009, as the effective date of the revised SAFE policy.

Download the new S.A.F.E. Forms

Volunteer Service Form – PDF
Driver form – PDF
Motor Vehicle Checklist
S.A.F.E. Policy
Update Your SAFE form without changes

Paper forms are available at First Lutheran Church.

Over the past two years, our SAFE committee, consisting of council members, other congregants, and Director of Caregiving Wendy Wagner, has worked to re-write the SAFE policy, produce new forms, and develop an implementation process. All of these items have been approved at the May 12 church council meeting.

The goal of the SAFE committee is to enable First Lutheran Church to provide a safe, secure environment for all community participants. The policies have been revised so that any information we seek will be objective, measurable, and in compliance with the standards of Church Mutual, our insurance “umbrella” policy carrier. We do not wish to ask for any information that does not meet this purpose. Thus, certain previous requirements have been omitted (for example, reference interviews and financial information).

The privacy and confidentiality of information is also respected in this policy. Background check information will be seen only by pastoral staff, and locked files will safeguard information given on the volunteer forms.

All persons who volunteer in areas of risk (church council, money counters, those who work with young people or the elderly, for example), along with paid staff, are expected to follow the SAFE policy requirements.

If you have any questions, please visit with a SAFE committee person, a pastor, or the staff person in your area of service. With all of us working together, we can move forward in continued discipleship and service as people of First Lutheran Church.

In Christ,

Steve Berke, Pastor